~ About Me ~



wA little about me...I'm Gigi and I'm from Yonkers, NY. I studied Latin Dance (specifically Salsa) in NY at Razz-Ma-Tazz Dance School for many years. Now, I take dance classes at Just One Dance Studio in Lyndhurst, NJ. Dance is my passion and I have to stay polished.  I also have my bachelor's in Business Administration.

What Changed?

In 2009 I met the love of my life and moved out to New Jersey. Shortly after my move both of my parents took ill and were called home. It was at that time that I decided I needed something different. I had spent so much of my life taking care of my parents and I now needed to focus on me.

I Found Zumba®

It was at that time that I found  Zumba Fitness®. I had two amazing instructors who inspired me to teach. I learned that I could make money while doing what I love and meeting some wonderful people along the way! Needless to say, I was all in and have been teaching since 2013. 

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Health & Fitness

I'd lost weight teaching a full week of  Zumba®, but I needed to build muscle. I was training a lot and fell in love with working out, but I was still so tired... That is when the game totally changed for me.

I Found Isagenix!

I was introduced to this program by a dear friend and it has been the best thing that I could have ever done. I had more energy, I put on lean muscle and I was earning residual income! Score!

What's Your Story?

I would love to show you what this company can do for you! Contact me today! I would love to have you on my team!

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